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Cookie policy On we use cookies to gather statistics about your use of the website that helps us improve the user experience. When you click on a link on you accept our cookie policy.

About cookies
This website is provided by Complement A/S, and when you click on the site information about you, your computer and your behaviour will be collected. The information is collected in two ways:

  • with the help of cookies
  • when you yourself provide the information

Only the information that you yourself provide is personal. Cookies do not contain personal information.

What are cookies?
A cookie is a small text file which is stored in your web browser when you have clicked on a website. A cookie is not a program, it contains no personal information and it is deleted automatically after a while – sometimes within 30 minutes, other times after several years. Cookies cannot contain virus. The first time you visit Complement A/S’s website you will automatically receive one or more cookies that give us the opportunity to recognize you when you return, and to register your behaviour on the website. This procedure ensures that we can improve your user experience on the website.

Two kinds of cookie
There are two kinds of cookies. The first kind is first party cookies. These originate from the websites owner, and are used as described above. The other kind is third part cookies. Third part cookies on come from collaborators like add networks, Facebook and Google, and can influence which of Complement A/S’s adds you’ll be shown on other websites.

How to avoid cookies
At any given time you can access your web browser and delete the cookies that have been stored on your computer. You can also set your browser to give you a warning when cookies are stored, or block cookies if you don’t wish to receive them. Read more on Be aware that some websites don’t work properly if you don’t use cookies.

Contact us about cookies
If you want more information about Complement A/S’s cookies policy you can contact us on: Complement A/S, Lanciavejj 2, DK-7100 Vejle, tel. +45 7585 8500,

Privacy policy
Privacy policy is about how we register your information, why we need to store it and how we handle it.

Personal information
When you register at Complement A/S – e.g. when you receive our newsletter, participate in our events or answer one of our questionnaires – your contact data will be used to send you occasional messages. We use the contact data to contact current and former clients through newsletters and special offers.

How long do we save the information?
When you register at Complement A/S with information about your company name, contact person, sex, age, phone number and email, the information is saved for as long as five years. Subsequently all personal information is deleted.

Who has access to your information?
Only a limited amount of people has access to your information at Complement A/S. Your information is stored in a controlled environment with frequent security control. Complement A/S will never pass on your information to a third party without your consent.

What do we use the information for?
Complement A/S uses your personal information to contact you when we have offers that could interest you. Information about your Internet behaviour – via cookies – are first and foremost used to make our website more user friendly. Other cookies affect when you’ll be exposed to Complement A/S’s adds when you surf on other websites.

Delete or change personal information
At any given time you can be informed which information Complement A/S has registered about you by calling +45 7585 8500 or write to According to the personal data law you have the right to get incorrect or misleading information corrected or removed, as well as withdrawing your consent. If you do not wish to be contacted by Complement A/S in the future please inform us of this on the above mentioned phone number or email.