Complement is a stock-holding manufacturer of CPU holders, monitor arms, cable trays, table legs, table frames, etc., with increasing sales to customers all over the World.

Complement is domiciled in the town of Vejle (Denmark) in a new building complex from 2000 which was expanded in 2004.

Our modern and well-organised facilities allow us to service our customers in the best possible way.
With 5,700 m2 under roof we have sufficient room for our many products, and this allows us to supply “just in time” and according to agreement with our many customers.

Complement’s professional team is committed to provide only quality products, and high service to our customer.


Organize your workplace with accessories that complement your work ambience

Product design that is based on the sound knowledge of ergonomics is what typifies the accessories we present at Complement. Not just mere accessories, the various tech components by Complement enable the user experience convenience teamed up with the best ergonomic solutions that make the professional ambience more user-friendly.

The desk at your office space has now all the key accessory essentials as Complement acts as the perfect destination to source the very best of metal table legs, computer monitor armsCPU holders, laptop drawerswall mount monitor armspen traysmonitor arm desk mount, double monitor arms, CPU holders, laptop holders, I-Pad holders, monitors arms, in different specifications to meet your desk support at your work station.

At Complement discover the perfect ergonomic fit to your workplace needs by browsing through the various user friendly accessories like the CPU holdersmonitor arms, i-Pad holders’ and all for a well organized work place.

A look at the comprehensive list of accessories ranging from the aesthetically designed laptop drawer to a laptop holder to the desk mount monitor arm takes the user to a whole new world of user interface design.The workstation in your office just gets a dash of sophistication with the aid of the ergonomically designed metal table legs in different colors and specifications. And here’s a product range that comes customized to suit the aesthetic needs of the organization.

Upgrading to an accessory at Complement comes with enhanced features and design benefits that not only match your professional needs, but also add a touch of aesthetic finesse giving the user a tech edge that complements the needs of the work atmosphere. There is store an array of the cutting edge accessories that come with unique features and specifications to match your work place needs.

Complement has the dual advantage of products, which meet the criterion of ‘design meets aesthetics’, an obvious indicator in all the accessory components that come with unique user interface features. This definitely gives you the best space management solutions for your desk.


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